[Koha] Zebra Status - Is Zebra active? + understanding cmd outputs

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Thu Apr 30 10:47:09 NZST 2015

Craig Butosi schreef op wo 29-04-2015 om 15:08 [+0000]:
> Do the above mean that Zebra is indeed running?

If search works, zebra is running.

What might have happened is that you somehow have an instance running
that isn't connected with the daemon controller system and so it checks
for it, fails to find it, tries to start a new zebrasrv, and that fails
because there's already one there.

I've seen this happen occasionally though I don't know what gets it into
this state. My suggestion would be to do koha-stop-zebra library, pkill
zebrasrv, then do koha-start-zebra library.

But, if search is working, it's safe enough to leave alone, just have in
the back of your mind that it's a bit strange right now. It'll probably
clear itself up next time you do a reboot anyway.

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