[Koha] Koha not authorized to use CAS

Ahmed Hadzic hadzic_ahmed at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 24 04:36:54 NZST 2015

Hello all,

I am newbie for CAS and I'm trying to integrate some 
application with it (KOHA library). My CAS is running fine but when I'm 
trying to login to application with my CAS user I get the error "The 
application you attempted to authenticate is not authorized by CAS". I 
found out that I need to get the CAS server's Manager to add the OPAC Url 
to the Service Management system in CAS itself. But when I'm trying to 
acces it 
(https://localhost:8443/cas/services) it redirects me to the CAS login 
page. Does that means that I don't have CAS Service Management istalled 
or something else? I really don't know what to do so please, any help is 
appreciated. Thanks !


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