[Koha] 3.18.06 Package Warning

Renvoize, Martin martin.renvoize at ptfs-europe.com
Thu Apr 23 23:00:57 NZST 2015


Don't Upgrade Koha Packages to 3.18.06 yet!

Hi All,

Though I'd send a quick heads up that there's a nasty bug in the 3.18.06
package (available on the debian.koha-community.org repository).  An
upgrade will result in a couple of warning about unpacking some yui library
files on the command line and in my experience so far, leave you with a
rather nasty display in the staff client.  I'm sure it's a trivial fix at
this end once rangi or eythian is awake, but I'd hold off on upgrading
until they give the go ahead ;)

Martin Renvoize
Software Engineer, PTFS Europe Ltd
Content Management and Library Solutions
Landline: 0203 286 8685
Mobile: 07725985636


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