[Koha] Koha is not authorized to use CAS

Ahmed Hadzic hadzic_ahmed at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 22 21:13:10 NZST 2015

Hi everyone,
I'm trying to implement KOHA library to my university. I' using KOHA 3.18 
and Ubuntu server 14.04 TLS. I followed instructions on how to install 
KOHA from here 

I needed to do SSO with CAS (4.0.0). So far, I managed to login to CAS as 
default CAS user. When I try to login as patron I get the error 
'The application you attempted to authenticate is not authorized to use 
CAS'. I would like to know how to authenticate KOHA with CAS, how to login 
to CAS as Koha patron. I would appreciate any help

Kind regards,

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