[Koha] 2 ways to mark an item "withdrawn"???

Steven Nickerson snicker1 at maine.rr.com
Wed Apr 8 08:50:36 NZST 2015

I’ve done some more troubleshooting on my own that I thought I’d share with everyone.   Following process #1 below causes Koha to update the items.withdrawn field, but following process #2 below changes the following in the items.more_subfields_xml field instead:

  <leader>         a              </leader>

  <datafield tag="999" ind1=" " ind2=" ">

    <subfield code="0">1</subfield>


Not sure if that’s intended to be the case or not?


Does anyone else see behavior similar to what we’re seeing when marking the item “withdrawn” in the 2 different manners?






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Subject: [Koha] 2 ways to mark an item "withdrawn"???

Hello everyone,

  I'm running a variety of Koha package versions on Debian, ranging from
3.16.2 to and am hearing reports of issues with how items are
marked as withdrawn.  If you search in the staff client for an item and
click on its title to go into the details you can mark an individual item
'withdrawn' in one of two ways:

1.      Click on the "Edit" button along the top and select "Edit Items" in
the pull-down.  In the resulting window, click on the "Edit" link on the
left-hand side of the item you want to withdraw.  The first option reads "0
- withdrawn status" and in the pull-down I set it to "Withdrawn", and then
click "Save changes" at the bottom.

2.      The other way is to click on the "Items" tab on the left-hand side
instead of the "Edit" button along the top.  Selecting the "Items" tab gives
you a list of your items and each item has a "Withdrawn?" line with a button
that can be clicked to "Withdraw" it.

So, now my question/issue.following the #1 process above doesn't seem to do
anything at all to actually withdraw the item.  It is still searchable in
both Staff and OPAC clients and shows as "available" everywhere.  I also
checked in the database itself and the items.withdrawn field is not changed
for the given item either.  So what does marking the item status in this way
actually do?  Is this a "bug", and should it be updating the items.withdrawn
field, perhaps?

Following the #2 process above seems to have the expected results.

Thanks in advance for anyone's thoughts!


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