[Koha] Anyone using Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) sucessfully for staff client access?

Mirko Tietgen 5p4m at gmx.de
Fri Apr 3 02:45:36 NZDT 2015

Sheila Kearns schrieb am 02.04.2015

> Firefox ESR
> which  is supposed to be in sync with the current Firefox release
> for general users.

Firefox ESR is Firefox 31, which is in no way in sync with regular
Firefox. That is the concept of ESR. Have a version that is
supported for a longer period of time, which also results in having
a pretty old version at the end of the release cycle.

> Even the most simple
> elements of the staff client (Koha version 3.16.04) do not work
> in Firefox ESR. Just one example is that most dropdowns do not
> function 

Could you be more specific? It looks ok to me.


Mirko Tietgen

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