[Koha] lost barcode focus and jquery

Fridolin SOMERS fridolin.somers at biblibre.com
Thu Apr 2 20:07:23 NZDT 2015

Also check what you have in system preference "intranetuserjs".

Le 01/04/2015 17:31, Fridolin SOMERS a écrit :
> I try to reproduce.
> What is your Koha version ?
> Which the page are you on ?
> The "search box", you mean the form with "Search the catalog" at the
> bottom ?
> Regards,
> Le 31/03/2015 02:46, Marty Jongepier a écrit :
>> I have an annoying issue with koha, not world shocking, but it would be
>> nice to get a solution.
>> What happens is that if we scan a barcode, either for checking in or
>> checking out, the focus moves from the barcode box to the search box
>> (iceweasel, firefox, chrome...).
>> It is annoying, to say the least, to have to click in the check in box
>> (or
>> check out) after every item scanned. Cleaning the cache, as somebody
>> suggested, does not help either.
>> It used not to be like that. You could scan as many items as you
>> wanted and
>> the focus would stay on the check in box.
>> Some people told me that it was easily solved with jquery, but I am not a
>> programmer. I have tried a few things, but so far no code in jquery I
>> have
>> written has solved this. Could any of you maybe help us out, give us some
>> sample code for this?
>> Running Koha on Debian Wheezy.
>> Thank you!
>> Marty
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