[Koha] Migration ISIS to Koha

Sergio Scotto sscotto at psi.uba.ar
Thu Apr 2 06:09:31 NZDT 2015

Hi guys, i am Sergio from Argentina, we are trying to migrate Isis to Koha
and i have a problem.

The problem is that in the ISIS database I got the title field repeatable
(it is used to store the title´s book in diferents languajes), and in MARC21
the field 245 is not repeatable.

When I try to get the file with the marc21 records in those books I got the
field title more than one time and the import fails.

The PFT code that I use to get the title is this:

if p(v020) then |=245  00$a|v020^*,if p(v20^s) then | : $b|v20^s fi/
else if p(v024) then |=245  00$a|v024^*,if p(v24^s) then | : $b|v24^s fi/
else if p(v030) then |=245  00$a|v030^*,if p(v30^s) then | : $b|v30^s fi/
fi fi fi
(|=020  \\\\$a|v010/)/

The problem with this is that if a book got tow times the field 20 in the
file I get:

=245 $aenglisTitle$benglisSubtitle
=245 $arussianTitle$brussianSubtitle

Can someone help me with this issue?


(I am sorry if I am violating some rule about the list, I am new at this)

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