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Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 24 03:34:35 NZST 2014


> My hostname does resolve using my local DNS server,
Ask the person responsible for the DNS to add the appropriate name and ip to it.
> What I mean is if I type the name of my Ubuntu server into the browser it resolves
> e.g http://myubuntuserver, but if I typed admin-myubuntuserver or any sort of
> variation I do not know how to have this resolve 
Which browser, what machine? You are not providing enough details.
There is a way to do it incorrectly, that will work. I would rather not post it, since it would encourage its abuse.
> I thought adding a ServerName admin-myubuntuserver
> in the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/{instance name} is this all that's needed to fix this?
No... there are two-sides. The client side and the server side.
http://whatever in your browser is client side. It needs to be able to figure out the IP address through DNS lookup and then go talk to that machine using the HTTP protocol on port 80. This means some machine somewhere (the DNS server – or the ugly hack on only your local machine which is why you should not do it!) needs to know this information.
When then client starts talking to the server machine, it tells it that it is looking for the URL you typed. Apache figures out what the client means and passes something back. This is where ServerName comes in. That’s the server knowing how to answer back. It isn’t the client knowing who to talk to in the first place.
Mark Tompsett

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