[Koha] problem in OPAC search

Manoj Soni m9jiihmr at gmail.com
Thu Sep 18 16:16:52 NZST 2014

Dear Alll

In koha database, using xampp,   items table, in field homebranch, which
had varchar (4), I made it to varchar(5) , ,

Then I changed the data in homebranch field, For example it was ABCD and
now it is ABCDE

but in the search in OPAC, advanced search.,

If I find by ABCDE,

it does not find any thing

It says, no results found


in the backend, it shows all the data with ABCDE in homebranch field in
items table.

Also I changed branch code in branch table from ABCD to ABCDE

Where should be the problem

Thanks and Regards

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