[Koha] Default to logged in branch vs "all branches'

Viktor.Sarge at regionhalland.se Viktor.Sarge at regionhalland.se
Fri Sep 19 23:17:02 NZST 2014

>  Second, I would make the "All Libraries" settings stand out from the individual libraries.  For example, if "All Libraries" is selected in the notices, perhaps the font or the dropdown box changes color to red or yellow on the main and editing pages.  It should be more obvious than a couple of words on the page.

This appeals to me! The current behavior would not be that much of a problem if the interface had some kind of visual cue to warn the user that he/she is about to edit the rules for *all* libraries. To me that would even be enough since it solves the problem of accidental editing and doesn’t increase complexity. It’s still possible to make a case for consortia use where you further want to decrease the risk of accidental editing of course. 

Kind regards/Viktor Sarge

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