[Koha] File permissions for 'koha-dump' backup files

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Sep 17 12:04:24 NZST 2014

Steven Nickerson schreef op di 16-09-2014 om 07:12 [-0400]:
> Thanks for the response, Robin.  What I'm ultimately trying to accomplish is to write a small shell script that will take the daily 'koha-dump' pair of files, 'scp' copy them to a 2nd server and then 'ssh' over to that server and perform a 'koha-restore' to keep a "backup" environment in sync once per day.   I'd prefer to do this as the 'koha' user instead of doing it as 'root', but currently 'root' is the only account with enough permissions to read both of the files to be copied.  As you've suggested, I could simply add a 'chmod' command to root's crontab.   
> Maybe there's a better way you or someone else can think of to accomplish the synchronizing of a 2nd environment that I'm trying to do???

I have something that does a similar task.

It copies the SQL dump file to a web-accessible location that's
protected with a login/password by .htaccess/.htpasswd. The second
server then (via cron) downloads that file and loads it into the
database. I don't bother doing it with koha-restore, just throw the SQL
in and run a full reindex. It's been working without a hitch for a few
years now.

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