[Koha] File permissions for 'koha-dump' backup files

Steven Nickerson snicker1 at maine.rr.com
Sun Sep 14 14:34:51 NZST 2014

Hello all,

   I'm using the package version of 3.16.03 (but I've seen this same
behavior in several previous versions as well) and am wondering if there is
a way for me to make it so that the .gz files created under
/var/spool/koha/<site> are world-readable?  Currently they are always owned
by 'root' and are not readable by either group or everyone else.   I
understand it is a potential security issue, but if I'm willing to accept
that "risk" is there  any way to configure either Koha or the operating
system user (i.e. root's 'umask' perhaps) so that these files are created as




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