[Koha] Intranet staff client catalog search

Abdulsalam Yousef ayousef at kwareict.com
Thu Sep 11 03:12:47 NZST 2014

It was the system preference ( UseQueryParse )that stopped intranet staff
client catalog search
when we stopped it the search has been worked correctly.

But stopping this system preference affected on adding new catalog records
negatively specially Arabic records, Always the message of (duplicated
record) appears.

Here's the reason:
the reason is because (isbn) number in many Arabic records is not necessary
in old records
i mean it has the value (NULL) in koha DB and when checking isbn numbers it
considers the NULL values are for the same record, so it always asking if
that record is identical to another one in database or not if we entered
the record without (isbn) number, so i think the following snippet of code
in (search.pm -->koha v3.16.01)

doesn't exclude NULL values when checking record duplication

# search duplicate on ISBN, easy and fast..
    # ... normalize first
    if ( $result->{isbn} ) {
        $result->{isbn} =~ s/\(.*$//;
        $result->{isbn} =~ s/\s+$//;
        $query = "isbn:$result->{isbn}";

I'm asking if that is a bug???


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