[Koha] Update interval of Koha development (squeeze-dev) release

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Sep 3 11:21:33 NZST 2014

Vimal Kumar V. schreef op di 02-09-2014 om 13:58 [+0530]:
> May I know the update interval of Koha development release (Debian
> package).
> When last release date of current development version of Koha debian
> package?
> When is the next release?

They're basically done "when I remember." At the moment, squeeze-dev is
out of date because master doesn't build, as the test cases won't run on
squeeze. I have a plan for fixing that (a new version of Test::More,
most likely), and when that's done will be making a new version.

Keep in mind that the squeeze-dev package is tracking master (when it's
updated), and so there is totally no guarantee nor even expectation that
it will be bug free, stable, and that it won't steal one sock out of
every pair. Use at your own risk.

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