[Koha] Checkin/out notification formatting

CTS-Programmer 3 (Paul Dokken) cts-prog3 at sil.org.pg
Tue Sep 2 16:45:59 NZST 2014

I am using this template to send notifications.  

The following item(s) have been checked out at the <<branches.branchname>> on <<issues.issuedate>><br>
Patron name: <<borrowers.firstname>> <<borrowers.surname>><br><br>
<li><<biblio.title>>  <<biblio.seriestitle>>  by <<biblio.author>> <<items.barcode>> Date Due: <<issues.date_due>></li>
<i>Thank you for visiting <<branches.branchname>>.</i>

The problem is when there is only one item the ---- shows.  Is there a way to supress this when there is only one item?  Appearently the <item> </item> tags do not work in this notification.  

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Software Developer
SIL PNG Communication and Technology Services
Ukarumpa EHP 444 | Papua New Guinea
cts-prog3 at sil.org.pg
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