[Koha] Koha Password Problum

Khayam Shah khayamshah52 at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 2 16:15:57 NZST 2014

hello everyone 

this is khayam shah 

i was download "easykoha" with ubuntu 12.04 from total library solution, TLS redirect me to source forge from where i download it ....... its relay good developed by vinod kumar mishra ... but

The problum is 

after installation when i want to enter in ubuntu from very start it cant take koha password "koha123"
i try many more like katikoan, kohaadmin, koha, etc but no result 

then i login from guest session to try to change password but its cant give me permission to change anything in it ....... 

can you help me ....
about give me only accurate password ..........

with best Regards 

khayam shah 

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