[Koha] Upgrading Koha from 3.06 to 3.14

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Mon Mar 31 07:56:54 NZDT 2014

On 30 March 2014 23:00, Dibyendra Hyoju <dibyendra at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thank Robin and all for your response.
> I tried the way Robin suggested and it worked, however I got the
> following error while issuing the koha-mysql  instancename < sqlfile
> command:
> ERROR 1005 (HY000) at line 2752: Can't create table
> 'koha_library.letter' (errno: 150)
> Also, I couldn't find the saved Koha reports after importing the
> earlier Koha database. It is not a big issue as I can manually create
> reports from the SQL.But I am wondering, why the saved reports were
> not imported even after issuing koha-upgrade-schema command.
> Apart from these issue, I found catalogues, holdings info and patron
> information imported correctly. I quickly checked the circulation info
> and I think it has also been imported.
> You will have other hidden issues, it will have stopped at the letter
table and not created tables after that (including the reports which you
have noticed). You will to search what an error 150 is, and then try your
import again fixing whatever you need to get the letter table to be


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