[Koha] Problem with Wireless Scanner and Inventory/Stocktaking Module

Darcy Gullacher dgullacher at rockymountaincollege.ca
Sat Mar 29 09:34:33 NZDT 2014

I am a problem that has stumped me, our IT tech, and our support team. I
recently bought a Motorola CS3000 wireless scanner for the sole purpose of
doing inventory. Scanned barcodes are batch loaded in .txt format from the
scanner into the Inventory module using the "Use a barcode file" section
and submitted, as instructed in the manual.

After several minutes of nothing happening, I receive the error message
from the browser "Could Not Read Headers". Checking the submitted barcodes
against our catalogue "something" has happened, because the items 'date
last seen' now reads 00-00-0000.

The support team at ESI believes this could be related to the ClamAV
antivirus software, but we don't use that particular product.

Here's what we've tried so far:

- Tried in Chrome, FireFox, and IE. Same results.
- Switching internal networks to bypass the firewall. Same result.
- I had two other libraries that are part of our local consortium run the
barcodes. They had no success either (neither of them has a wireless
scanner, I'm the trailblazer in this regard).
- I tried loading the file on through my personal laptop at my home. Same
- I've tried changing the file format from .txt to .csv. Same results.
- I loaded a file of barcodes using our wired scanner at the circulation
desk. Same results.
- I've checked the file using Notepad++ to catch any hidden characters.
Nothing look out of line.

We're on version

Any thoughts or assistance would be very, very appreciated.

Darcy Gullacher
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