[Koha] Upgrading Koha from 3.06 to 3.14

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Sat Mar 29 00:28:35 NZDT 2014

Paul A schreef op do 27-03-2014 om 09:36 [-0400]:
> Perhaps not germane to this Koha question, but your suggestion "sudo 
> apt-get dist-upgrade" _may_ cause unintended consequences with the
> o/s.

It possibly will, though probably not. It will also not really upgrade
koha, as it doesn't cover moving the data.

My suggestion (and I've done this a few times) is to install Koha from
the packages (already done), take a database dump of the old one using
mysqldump, create an instance in the new install (koha-create), and then
load the data into the new instance.

This last part can be done with:

sudo koha-mysql instancename < dumpfile.sql

Then you can run:

sudo koha-upgrade-schema instancename

wait a while (if you have a lot of data and history), and you'll have an
up-to-date installation.

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