[Koha] call number sort problem

Margo Duncan MDuncan at uttyler.edu
Sat Mar 22 10:05:40 NZDT 2014

We're having some issues with call number sort in our reports and I'm wondering if anyone has any insights.

It appears that cn_sort has two different methods of sorting call numbers.  One way is that 0 is added so that a call number of HD30.19 is HD003019.  The other way is with _ so HD30.19 is HD_0030_19.  This has the result of sorting the call numbers into two separate batches within a single report.  It doesn't matter what the method of sorting call numbers is (as long as it works) but we need it to be consistent.  So can I adjust the sorting method, or is there something wrong with my data?  And if there's something wrong with my data, what do I need to adjust to have the the call numbers sort correctly?

We're running 3.14.03 on Debian.


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