[Koha] 3.14 duplicate records not recognized?

Andrea Furin andrea.furin at slacky.it
Sat Mar 15 19:21:25 NZDT 2014

Il 14/03/2014 14:07, Claudio Kutufà ha scritto:
> Hello to everyone
> something new about this ?
> I'm just going to install Koha and it would be very useful for me to
> know about the matter. I found out in previous installation how useful
> is this alarm, especially when you have to put many old books in the
> database.
> Thanks a lot for your interest
> ClaudioK.

yesterday koha recognized a duplicate record one time, the day before
yesterday it didn't, and save the new record with a record number like
"678 | 0": the old record wasn't deleted, but I cannot saw it: I can saw
it only if I delete the new created record. Mystery of Faith..

a. f.

> At 09.34 13/03/2014 +0100, Andrea Furin wrote:
>> hi to all.
>> when I try to import a duplicate record from z39.50, koha 3.14 doesn't
>> tell me nothing about replace the existed record or make a new copy:
>> before upgrading there was that alarm.
>> where is the problem?
>> thanks in advance
>> a. furin

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