[Koha] Circulation and Fine Rules

Holger Meissner Holger.Meissner at hs-gesundheit.de
Tue Mar 11 21:51:06 NZDT 2014

manoj382093 wrote: 
> Dear Friends,
> I am testing latest version of koha for my library, I have set five item types for different courses
> and five different patron categories of these courses. I have set same course patron category
> with item type so that patrons cannot get books of other courses. but it is not working and
> patrons are getting issued all item types.
> Please help!
> Manoj Kumar Misra

So you set a total of five issuing rules? Not defining rules does not prevent checkout. Instead the default issuing rules are applied.

You could define five issuing rules for each course. One for the item type they are supposed to be able to borrow and four for the other item types, where you set "Current checkouts allowed" to zero. This still won't make checkout impossible, but you will get a warning asking you to confirm the checkout.


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