[Koha] Problem reloading marc records

Steve Sowder sowder at andrews.edu
Tue Mar 11 11:38:27 NZDT 2014

I am new to Koha.

I am exploring Koha for possible use on future projects.

I have Koha running with 52,000+ bib records loaded.
No item or patron records.

I exported some records and made some edits on them.
Now I am trying to reload them and overlay the existing record.

The reload gets stuck and eventually times out.
I split up the load and have loaded several records but it gets stuck at 
a certain point.

I have narrowed it down to a single record.
(But there may be others.)

On the stage MARC for import I upload the file with a single record.
Enter a comment: blah blah
Record type: bibliographic
Character encoding: MARC 8
Modify record using template: Do not use
Record matching rule: Recnum [the contents of tag 999c]
Action if match: Replace existing record with incoming
Action if no match: Ignore incoming record
Check for embedded item record data: No
How to process items: Ignore items

I am using Koha version:

It loads other records, but on this one (and possibly others) is stops.
It will eventually time out.

The record that does not load is:

=LDR  00702nam a2200241Ii 4500
=001  2828430
=008  770323s1934\\\\lv\a\\\\\\\\\\000\0\lav\d
=035  \\$a.b10127641$bcar  $c-
=040  \\$aEXN$cEXN
=041  1\$alaveng
=049  \\$aEXNh [326608]$c1 [326608]
=090  \\$aBV3640$b.W375
=100  1\$aWatson, Charles Henry,$d1877-1962.
=245  10$aPee zilwekehdejeem /$cK. H. Watson.
=260  \\$aRigâ :$bLatwijas Rakstu Upgahdiba,$c1934.
=300  \\$a68 p. :$bill. ;$c20 cm.
=500  \\$aCover title: Pie cilvēkēdejiem.
=595  \\$sJWL
=595  \\$sSDALIB
=650  \0$aMissions$zOceania.
=690  \\$aSeventh-day Adventist publications.
=740  00$aPie cilvēkēdejiem.
=999  \\$c1040$d1040

What am I doing wrong?

BTW: It has reloaded on control number before but 40% of my records do 
not have a control number.

It has also reloaded on marc tag 035 but I haven't been able to do that 
for the past week.

Please point me in the right direction.


Steve Sowder               Systems Librarian
sowder at andrews.edu        Andrews University

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