[Koha] News from BibLibre

Paul Poulain paul.poulain at biblibre.com
Mon Jan 27 23:43:58 NZDT 2014


Most of you probably saw it on twitter or google+, but for the others,
there's an important announcement for BibLibre:

There won't be any visible change for the Koha community, except, maybe,
some new developers submitting or testing patches, which is always good ;-)

For libraries that could be interested in our services, that's an
important change though: with a larger company, we can manage larger
contracts. Until now, we focused on French libraries. 2014 will be the
year where we focus on EU libraries. The 1st contract 2014 has been with
a Swedish institute in Roma.

Others coming soon, hopefully, so stay tuned ;-)

Have a good day

PS: AFI has some OpenSource (GPL v3) tools& softwares, french-centric,
that we plan to promote after making them less french-centric ;-) Stay
tuned here as well !
Paul POULAIN - BibLibre
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