[Koha] Zebra indexing problems

Tom Hanstra tom at nd.edu
Thu Jan 9 08:11:17 NZDT 2014

It looks like this was tracked to a problem with paths and environment.  
I found that the testing which worked was when I was running 
interactively, whereas the times which did not work were when I was 
running using cron.  Once I made sure my base shell was getting the 
right paths and environment information for the cron processes, they 
were able to run properly.

Robin: Thanks for checking in.  My internet access here in the frozen 
midwest was limited Monday and Tuesday, hence my late reply.


On 1/6/14 5:05 PM, Robin Sheat wrote:
> Tom Hanstra schreef op ma 06-01-2014 om 13:35 [-0500]:
>> Has anyone seen such indexing problems before?  What can I be
>> checking
>> to track this problem down and address it?
> What do your logs say? In particular, is the cron job for indexing
> actually running, and are emails from cron (which will talk about errors
> from the scripts) actually going somewhere where you can see them?


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