[Koha] Importing Koha Database to a new install

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Fri Jan 3 11:04:58 NZDT 2014

Phillip Ponchot schreef op di 31-12-2013 om 01:22 [-0800]:
> If I try to log into Koha 3.12 as an "old" staff user, it fails.  If I
> log into Koha 3.12 with the provided username and password, Koha 3.12
> does not recognize the "old" database and creates a "new" one
> (koha_library).  

If it tries to create a new database, are you sure you're importing into
the right place? It really sounds like you aren't. Do your import and
then run a few selects to make sure that the data is really there.
'koha-mysql library' and 'SHOW TABLES;' is probably a good place to
start. But also do things like 'SELECT count(*) FROM biblio;' to make
sure there's actually content there.

But first, read the other email I sent, it has more info that may help.

The database dump contains a 'USE koha_whatever;' command, naming the
database it comes from. If you are trying to import into a database with
a different name, you're going to have a bit of trouble unless you're
careful. One of the results can be that the data doesn't end up where
you expect.

> Is there anyone that you know of that I could ask about this issue?
> Do you think I we should pay someone to transform the database?
> I've read and read everything that I can find, but nothing works.

Posting 1.5 hours before the start of New Year's day will not engender
fast replies, fyi :) There are people/companies out there that you could
pay to do the data conversion for you, but you shouldn't really need to,
it's quite possible to do it yourself.

Note that if you have another go, use the script(1) shell command to
record the whole thing. See 'man script' for more information.

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