[Koha] "Refine your search" in Koha 3.16

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Wed Aug 20 08:46:26 NZST 2014

* Hernandez, Heather (heather_hernandez at nps.gov) wrote:
> Hi--
> Elaine and Stephen, I agree--this isn't good!  In our catalog (also 3.16),
> if you click one of the facets from a 400 field, it does return correct
> results based on the 100 field--e.g., if you do a search on Sea Poetry:
> http://keys.bywatersolutions.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?q=sea+poetry
Hi All

Please file a bug report for this at bugs.koha-community.org

We think we have tracked it down to something to do with fix for large MARC records
But are continuing to work on it. 
It is something to do with the IncludeSeeFromInSearches systempreference
If you have had this on, or have it on, it makes the links so that when you search for
the 400, you can still find results.

To do this its linked, however in 3.12.x and 3.14.x it appears these links were filtered
out when building the facets and for some reason this is not occuring.

I think its to do with an indicator of z that gets added to 100 (of the biblio) on indexing (you wont see
it on the record itself, its added when indexing)

The old code got rid of this, so no, this is not required behaviour


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