[Koha] Live DVD (Was: Master-password (katikoan) and Live-DVD

Lars J. Helbo lars at helbo.org
Thu May 23 00:47:07 NZST 2013

Den 22-05-2013 14:28, Owen Leonard skrev:
> My goal in chiming in was to encourage the original poster to spend 
> his time learning how to get packages working rather than spend time 
> debugging problems with the Live DVD. I simply thought that if someone 
> is putting in effort to fix a technical problem, why not spend that 
> effort on a more long-term solution. -- Owen 

Because I don't have a library ;-)

I am not trying to make a working installation for myself. I am trying 
to make more people start using Koha. Because I think the program is 
very useful for a lot of people.

Unfortunately they often give up, before they really get started. 
Therefore I want to make the entry level as low as anyway possible. The 
live DVD is a wonderful way to make more people use Koha. The people 
that I am dealing with are typically having small school-libraries (with 
max 10.000 items). They have never been working at a terminal (not even 
in Windows).

Suggesting that they should make a manual installation of Koha - because 
that is better in the long term, is pure theory without ANY connection 
to reality. It simply will not happen. The only thing you may accomplish 
that way, is preventing them from using Koha.

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