[Koha] Cataloguing: Fields not working

Paul paul.a at aandc.org
Mon May 13 06:18:37 NZST 2013

At 04:45 PM 5/12/2013 +0100, Ian Bays wrote:
>It might be that the memcached is enabled on your system in which case 
>memcached needs to be restarted for changes to frameworks to take effect.

Interesting, we've never noticed that (3.8.5.) Has it been "bugged"?

>On the other hand I cannot see how that would be different in different 
>browsers so happy if someone has a better idea.

Maybe not "better", but Safari tends to handle its own cache better than 
the other browsers mentioned. Try clearing the browser cache, or reload 
bypassing cache (hold down <shift> while reloading.)  M$ is notorious for 
retention, the others are not far behind.

Best - Paul

>Good luck.
>On 12/05/2013 13:05, Joel Harbottle wrote:
>>Hi All, I have added some extra fields into a couple of our cataloguing 
>>MARC templates which are for local use, but have come across a tiny 
>>problem with them. These fields are set up correctly. But, if you are 
>>cataloguing in Koha using the Internet Explorer, Firefox or Google Chrome 
>>web browsers it won't allow you to enter anything in these fields. Then, 
>>if you are using the Apple Safari web browser it will allow you to enter 
>>data into these fields. Does anyone know why this may be happening and 
>>possible a fix to it? Best Regards,Joel
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