[Koha] koha in http://domainname.com/opac

Robin Sheat robin at catalyst.net.nz
Tue May 7 14:29:47 NZST 2013

schnydszch schreef op ma 06-05-2013 om 17:54 [-0700]:
> Since I don't have control of our domain name and I'm not able to make our
> OPAC opac.domainname.com, how do i make my koha opac available in
> http://domainname.com/opac. http://domainname.com will be our library portal
> and http://domainname.com/opac will be our OPAC. thanks and have a nice day!

As far as I know, you probably can't. The pages tend to have
non-relative links, as they expect to be at the root. 

This may have changed since I last looked, which was some time ago.

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