[Koha] Call Number Display

Kenan Scott kenanscott24 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 19 06:56:50 NZST 2013

Hi, my name is Kenan, I'm new to Koha and have a question regarding how
Koha deals with call numbers. I've tried searching for the solution prior
to mailing this. I am running Koha 3.12 on Ubuntu Server edition 12.04.2

I imported my MARC records anticipating using field 90a for my call
numbers, however even though I have itemcallnumber set to 90a, the intranet
and OPAC still doesn't show anything under the item listing for Call
Number. I can however see values under 90a in the MARC view. Also nothing
shows up when I use the quick spine label creator.

Is there something I'm missing? Thank you in advance,

Kenan Scott
kenanscott24 at gmail.com

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