[Koha] Kohacon 2014 proposals

Mirko 5p4m at gmx.de
Wed Jun 12 18:56:33 NZST 2013

Dear all,

it is time to start thinking about the location of Kohacon 2014. If
you are interested in hosting the conference, make sure to check

* the general Wiki page on Koha conference bidding:

* proposals for other years to get an impression of what people
would like to know about location and dates:
** Kohacon 2011:
** Kohacon 2013 http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Kohacon2013

Please keep in mind we have a rule to change continents every year,
so with Kohacon 2013 taking place in Reno, applications from North
America should be postponed to 2015.

So far we had/will have conferences in

2006 Paris, France
2009 Plano, USA
2010 Wellington, NZ
2011 Thane, India
2012 Edinburgh, UK
2013 Reno, USA
- -
2014 Your place, World

If you are interested in hosting the conference, please tell us
about it on this mailing list and add a summary to

It does not have to be complete from the beginning, you can still
add information later. The most important things clearly are
location and proposed time. So far we had conferences in April, May,
June and 3x in October, as it will be this year. It looks like
having 3 days of conference, 1 day off and 3 days of hackfest is the
preferred conference schedule.

One last note: the conference has always been free of charge and it
is supposed to stay that way.

Looking forward to your proposals,


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