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Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Wed Jan 30 02:28:30 NZDT 2013

> We've not changed the link for Koha to point to koha-community.org, as
> requested by a message on Twitter[2].

I assume that by "not" you mean "now" :)

> It was my understanding that LibLime was simply a company providing
> commercial support for the open source Koha product.  Am I now correct in
> believing that it (also?) produces a separate, closed-source product called
> "LibLime Academic Koha"?

LibLime does not support any version of Koha which is developed by the
Koha open source community. They support one version, LibLime Koha
4-something, which is ostensibly open source because they sometimes
push to a github repo, but which is developed exclusively by LibLime
in isolation.

They also sell "LibLime Academic Koha," which is 100% closed-source,
despite being based on GPL'ed code. Both versions diverged from Koha
around version 3.2. No one from LibLime contributes back to the open
source version of Koha anymore.

 -- Owen

Web Developer
Athens County Public Libraries

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