[Koha] Koha Usage Examples

Mark Johnson mark.johnson at it.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jan 30 01:18:43 NZDT 2013

Hello Koha Community
My name's Mark Johnson, and I work for OSS Watch at the University of 
Oxford.  Recently, we published a document entitled "Open Source Options 
for Education"[1] which includes a mention of Koha.

After we announced the document's publication, we received some feedback 
from the Koha community via Twitter that we'd given the wrong link and a 
misleading example of Koha's usage, so I've come here to make sure that 
we can set it right.

We've not changed the link for Koha to point to koha-community.org, as 
requested by a message on Twitter[2].

We were also informed that our example of Koha being used at the 
University of the West of England was in fact "LibLime Academic Koha", 
which "is not FOSS, nor has it ever been"[3].  This is obviously a 
misunderstanding on my part.  It was my understanding that LibLime was 
simply a company providing commercial support for the open source Koha 
product.  Am I now correct in believing that it (also?) produces a 
separate, closed-source product called "LibLime Academic Koha"?  Any 
background to this would be very much appreciated.

Finally, if anyone would be willing to share an example of the open 
source Koha system being used in their educational institution for me to 
use in place of the UWE example, particularly if they are based in the 
UK, I would be very grateful indeed!

Many Thanks
Mark Johnson

[1] http://www.oss-watch.ac.uk/resources/ossoptionseducation
[2] https://twitter.com/nengard/status/293088894000451585
[3] https://twitter.com/KohaAloha/status/293313158410534913

Mark Johnson
Development Manager
OSS Watch http://oss-watch.ac.uk

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