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Joy Nelson joy.nelson1 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 28 10:03:02 NZDT 2013

I can answer some of your questions for you.  See my answers in line. 

I want to shift my 100 libraries on Koha with centralized server. My questions are :

Is it possible to operate 100 libraries centrally having data of 2million books?

Is it possible to issue and return books off line when internet is not available?
  * Yes, Koha has two options for offline circulation.  One is a stand alone tool you can download, the other is a Firefox plugin.

Is it possible to give user only few rights i.e. cataloging and circulation?
  * Yes.  Permissions can be set fairly specifically in Koha for different users.

Is it possible to make two data bases at a time i.e one for client and one for main server in case more than 100 libraries in one system?
Can I change MARC fields for my users i.e. limited fields only

Can pre printed bar code lables be pasted on books while using Koha i.e. (I want to take a detail, let say we have a bar code # 1  i.e. pre printed and we want to add this # 1 in our koha, is this possible?
  *Yes, you can import existing barcodes into Koha.  So if a book already has a barcode of #1, you can use that.  The only requirement is that the barcodes be unique.  Koha will not allow two items to have the same barcode.

I would really be thankful to you for your guidance,


Muhammad Usman Khan
Library Dep't
Regionl Office, Central

-Joy Nelson
ByWater Solutions

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