[Koha] add only item info for duplicate records

soulemane moumie moumie23 at yahoo.fr
Wed Jan 16 19:45:33 NZDT 2013

I want to import my newly created marc file into koha.
Everything is imported successfully in the koha empty database and re-indexed.
The problem is that I have duplicated titles.
book1: introduction to koha  nber of item: 1
book2: introduction to koha  nber of item: 1
book3: introduction to koha  nber of item: 1

but I want to have :
book: introduction to koha  nber of item: 3

If I set a matching rule, the import stalls after staging.

Matching rule:
Matching rule code : TITLE
Description: 245$a
Match threshold: 100

Match point:
Search index: Title
Score: 101

Matching component:
Tag: 245
subfields: a
offset: 0
length: 0
Normalization rule: TITLE

Is it possible to do this in koha ?  
for each duplicate marc record : 
Koha does not add it but instead add the item info under existing record 
increase the number of item under the duplicate record.
Should I add only record info and add items info manually ? But with more than 40 000 books it will be a nightmare
Thanks for helping !

Moumié Soulémane
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Department of Computer Science Engineering
Islamic University of Technology(IUT)
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