[Koha] Exporting and Importing MARC Framework

Binu Thomas binu.thomas at eclateng.com
Fri Dec 27 20:12:47 NZDT 2013

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to edit the BKS MARC framework, by removing unwanted feilds 
by the library and then export the framework into .sql format and then 
import the framework into another koha installation of same version( 
3.12). after I import the same, when I do a MARC Framework Test I get 
full OK result.

After that I add a Biblio Entry and add item in this framework, I am 
able to view the record in Catalog Search, but not able to view the 
Barcode and other Item details that I saved. The Holdings tab below the 
title information shows BLANK for Item Type, Current Location, Call No. 
and Barcode fields even when I have filled the data. Only Status and 
Last seen fields shows data.

What could be the problem with Koha regarding this problem. Can anyone 
guide me?

Thanks in advance.


Binu Thomas

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