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    Funny you mention mid Spring >:) The 2014 International Evergreen Conference is 19 - 22 March in Bean Town. They sent us bshum and gmcharlt, so we should crash their party at some point. Or at least not slate over it. Though coughing up $220 or $270 is less than appealing to me, BUT David Weinberger.

    I _am_ tempted to ninja plan summat for mid Spring of 2015. Spring is substantially more expensive here than Fall, BUT cherry blossoms. 2015 is also more attractive to me as a host, since it's NOT any ilk of major elections year. August is unappealing to me, since it's silly season for me AND hotter than heck for most attendees. This is why I don't want to bid on next year's North American Conference, since a decision has already been taken to have Conference then. July and September work much better for me.

    So basically, let's play a game. I'm throwing a Conference at some point, and glaws is prolly coming. If I can add two more out of town names* to that list, then I'll definitely do eet. So if you're interested, write me off list or just say "I'll prolly go" on list. 

    The workflow I'm using is this:

1. Gauge interest
2. Toss out dates that work for me, don't conflict with KohaCon, ALA, or Evergreen, and then see if they work for y'all too
3. Secure a venue
4. Wrangle some speakers


(*I consider you an out of towner if you're not from Southern Maryland, Da Fancy Pants District of Columbia, or the Great Commonwealth of Northern Fake Virginia. If you're an in towner, you've prolly already met me. But if you haven't, let's have coffee or lunch or whatevahs.)

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>1. I'll bring the coffee.
>2. Mid spring and through the summer are good event times for me.
    Things start getting busy in early fall.
>3. Two day conferences are better than just one. Amortizing fixed
    costs like airfare over two days is a better investment than just
    one day. 
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>On 12/18/2013 10:16 AM, BWS Johnson wrote:
>>One thing to consider is that it doesn't have to take much to host a
one-day or even half-day local Koha event.  If you're located in an area
where there's at least one other Koha library within reasonable driving
distance, all you really need to host an unconference [1] is time, a
meeting room, and the desire to promote the event.  Everything else,
including internet access and even coffee and snacks, is optional. This can scale up.  There are certainly larger geographic areas in North
America where there's a high enough concentration of Koha users to support
a regional event.  And if somebody wants to run such an event... go for it:
speak up, say what you want to do, and gather some like-minded people to
help. [1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconference
>>    Once again, my arm can be twisted to host at whatever level. Doesn't even require that much twisting, I just don't want to throw a party and have no one show. :) All I ask is that y'all let me pick dates, or let me in on the voting so that I can express whether they are inconvenient to me or no. #justsayin Cheers,
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