[Koha] Don't pass out bad instructions (was Re: How frequently to run zebra rebuild and what switches)

Mirko 5p4m at gmx.de
Fri Aug 23 01:42:25 NZST 2013

Hilton Gibson schrieb am 22.08.2013

>> Yes. Koha is a word, not an acronym. This is why KOHA is wrong, unless you
>> are attempting to shout the awesomeness of it. ;)
>> Nope - it is just best practice to ensure that users know of the product.

Wrong, because…

>> By the way - why is there a koha-community and a koha out there.
>> Very confusing.

…that is part of the problem. There is Koha. Koha is a community
product, the official website is koha-community.org. Koha is free
and open source software. This is the official mailing list for Koha.

And there is a non-free, non-friendly fork of a company called
liblime, now owned by PTFS. They were part of the community up to
some point and then decided it would be best for them to leave the
free software world behind. They took the domain koha.org with them,
pretending to do still do "Koha" and at some point also started
using "KOHA". They have other names for their products too, but when
you speak of KOHA, people that have been around here for some time
think of that fork. And they do not think good things about it. I
won't go into more detail here.

The fork is no community product, there is no support available for
it apart from paying that company (as far as I know) and they
diverted from Koha years ago.

So if you talk about the FOSS community product, please use Koha,
not KOHA, because that is the most confusing thing about it.

-- Mirko

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