[Koha] BIb record matching on ISBN 10, 13

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You may also want to note the relevant issues I raised in April: 


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As we add new libraries to our consortium catalog, I find that we are
encountering bib record duplication. Most of this duplication appears to be
due to one library using a record that has  a 10 digit ISBN, while another
library used a record that has a 13 digit ISBN. I am sure that this is a
problem many of you have encountered.

I would like to pose a couple of questions to the group: First, is it your
experience that Koha only matches on the first instance of an ISBN in the
020 field? Does the matching engine follow through and check the second 020
field for a matching ISBN?

Second, would the development of a built in ISBN 10 to ISBN 13 converter in
Koha matching reduce the number of record duplicates? My inclination is that
it would.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.


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