[Koha] Global bug squashing day - come join the fun!

Magnus Enger magnus at enger.priv.no
Sat Aug 10 00:13:54 NZST 2013

Dear community!

GBSD just ended in NZ, but wherever you are you can choose to abide by
any timezone, so if you choose Hawaii time there is still almost 22
hours to go!

When we started the numbers looked like this:

Needs Signoff...157 (54 bugs)
Signed Off.......90 (46 bugs)
Passed QA........28 (12 bugs)
Failed QA.......150
Doesn't apply....26
In Discussion...119

And a couple of hours ago they looked like this:

Needs Signoff...144 (43 bugs)
Signed Off......112 (62 bugs)
Passed QA........28 (12 bugs)
Failed QA.......147
Doesn't apply....26
In Discussion...119

As you can see, some progress has been made, but there is still a lot
of fun to be had. So let go of everything else and come join the fun!
Get your name on the dashboard for the first time or see if you can
climb in the ranks! Maybe you can even beat Kyle as the #1 signoff
hero of August?

Not sure how you can help? Jump on the IRC channel and we will help
you figure it out!

Best regards,

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