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I'm glad I was able to point you in the right direction, thanks to our IT whizz figuring this out for us a while ago.

Your list of suggested codes for various formats is great. I will keep it for future reference (saves having to think about it each time a different format appears. 

Regards, Gay

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I had asked about this a couple of weeks ago and I thought I'd follow-up in case this helps anyone else.  I got responses from David Cook and Gay Richards (THANKS!!!) that led me to the "LEADER" field in the
biblioitems.marcxml DB column.   This is a "coded" field that determines the
TYPE for that particular bibliographic record.  In my case I had my items.itype field correct but not the data inside of this biblioitems.marcxml column, so I used something similar to the following SQL statement to update the biblioitems.marcxml field to set it correctly (replacing string "nam" with some other appropriate string):


update biblioitems as i1 inner join (select biblioitemnumber from items where itype="DVD") as i2 on i2.biblioitemnumber=i1.biblioitemnumber set i1.marcxml=replace(i1.marcxml, 'nam ', 'ngm ');


I also ran similar SQL update statements for VHS tapes, Music CDs, etc.


In case anyone wants to learn more about this MARC field and the coding, you can find information about it at http://www.loc.gov/marc/formatintegration.html

Here's a summary of what I used for codes and their meanings:

nam = books

ngm = DVDs, VHS tapes, etc. (i.e. video movies)

nim = non-musical audio (i.e. audiobooks on both cassettes and CDs)

njm = music audio (cassettes and CDs)

nab = periodicals and magazines

nrm = 3-dimensional items such as games, puzzles, etc.

nem = maps


And finally, as David Cook pointed out to me, here are the options for dealing with this issue in case anyone else sees similar results in their OPAC search:

1) Turn off the "DisplayOPACiconsXSLT" system preference. This will remove the "Type", "Format", etc. information from the OPAC search results (although it will still display in the intranet, if you've enabled XSLT there).

2) Fix the Leader in your catalogue records so that they are properly coded (the path I went down above)

3) Turn off XSLT for search results


Good luck!


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