[Koha] Add filter to patron fines

Sat Sep 8 05:25:22 NZST 2012

I just posted this on the JQuery library.  Hope this is helpful to others.

Add a filter to the patron Fines screens

 *   Developer: Christopher Brannon (Coeur d'Alene Public Library), based of original code by Kobi Lidershnider at http://kobikobi.wordpress.com/2008/09/15/using-jquery-to-filter-table-rows/
 *   Purpose: To help find information in the Account and Pay fines portions of patron Fines.
 *   Status: Completed
 *   Intranet or OPAC?: Intranet
 *   Version: Any

//Add filter to fines

$("#yui-main div[class='tabs-container'] table").attr("class","filterable");

$("<i>Filter: </i><input type='text' id='FilterTextBox' name='FilterTextBox' /><a href='#' class='clear' rel='nofollow'>  Clear</a></p>").insertBefore("#yui-main table[class='filterable']");

$(".filterable tr:has(td)").each(function(){var t = $(this).text().toLowerCase();

$("<td class='indexColumn'></td>").hide().text(t).appendTo(this);

});//each tr


   var s = $(this).val().toLowerCase().split(" ");

   //show all rows.

   $(".filterable tr:hidden").show();

   $.each(s, function(){

       $(".filterable tr:visible .indexColumn:not(:contains('"

          + this + "'))").parent().hide();


 });//key up.



    return false;


//end fines filter

Christopher Brannon

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