[Koha] Greek character sets in koha?

Manos Petridis egpetridis at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 3 19:16:16 NZST 2012

I was wondering how might koha become to recognise the following character sets
Character Set: ISO 8859-7 (ELOT 928)
ISO 5428 
that are used in Greek libraries, like http://argo.ekt.gr/Opac2_3/Help/Databases/ENU/UOM_EN_.html 

From a reply to an older similtar question, for some other non-yet-supported language, I came to understand that it is a perl limitation and that koha only uses the multi-language support provided by perl, as and when. Is that correct?
BTW, the Z39.50 target above is from one of the very few libraries in Greece that use MARC21 syntax ( for reasons described in  http://unimarc2meeting.bnportugal.pt/documentos/10_Joanna_Demopolous.pdf ) so it might be of use for those of you that also use USMARC/MARC21 in your installations.

Manos Petridis

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