[Koha] How do I upgrade my Koha 3.2? (was Re: Problem upgrade koha-3.8.0 to koha-3.08.04)

Mark Tompsett mtompset at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 1 02:42:24 NZST 2012


Though LiveCD's are handy and useful for your situation, I have no 
experience with them.
Also: http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_LiveCD
The 3.2.5 version you found is probably the first entry. However, the next 
two entries are newer supported versions. Version 3.2.5 is no longer 
supported, and Version 3.10.0 comes out in November. You may likely need to 
install the LiveCD (if you use one of the two bottom links), because there 
are significant upgrades after 3.2.x. Running from the LiveCD may not be 
possible, because of these upgrades. However, I still personally would 
recommend a packages install of Koha 3.8.4 on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. If you have 
difficulty upgrading, the mailing list is here to help.

Additionally, the size of a LiveCD is about the same size as an Ubuntu 
(choose 32-bit)
Download it and burn the ISO.

And though the installation of Koha packages will require will more 
downloads now, future upgrades will not require downloading LiveCD's any 
more, but something that is 10 times smaller. Hopefully this is enough to 
convince you of the benefit of packages, given your slow internet 

And please, before you do anything that could lose data, back up your data 
to an external source. I hope I don't sound too repetitive. :)

Mark Tompsett 

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