[Koha] Problem in connecting to z3950 server

sushant panigrahi skpanigrahi at nic.in
Sat May 26 00:33:46 NZST 2012

 Dear All

In the cataloguing when I click the "z39.50 Search" button a pop up window appears that says "Z39.50 Search Points" at the top  and has a few fields to fill out with search terms like "Title:" and "ISBN:"  and a few "Search targets" at the bottom, of which the LOC target is  checked. When I search anything, however, the search fails and we can tell  from the browser pop up window that the browser is looking at the local host  ( After a short while a message appears that says: "Connection  failed to z3950.loc.gov"   Can anyone tell us what we need to do or point us to a page that can help us  to connect to z3950.loc.gov?  

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