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Thanks! That makes perfect sense--I knew there was a bit I was missing. There is indeed a minor update's difference. I'll give it a go. I appreciate the help.


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Hi Robert, and welcome.

The most likely reason you are getting the installer screen is version differences between the Kohas. If the new server has a newer kohaversion number than what is in the .sql the web installer will kick in to upgrade the db.

That's what I would check.


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Hi All:

I've been lurking for a while, slowly crawling up the Koha learning curve ("climbing the curve" might be a bit overstated :-) ). I'm working with a library services company preparing to help some of our member libraries test/migrate to Koha. Thanks to contributions here, I've gotten around a couple of vexing problems. So, first, thanks to the everyone for sharing experiences!

I have question related to transferring a Koha database from one "server" to another. I'm using the koha-common Debian packages (3.6.4). I've configured a Debian virtual server (32-bit Debian Squeeze) with all the Koha requirements. It's all running smoothly. I've imported patron and bibliographic data and dome some basic "playing" with the system. All is well. To test moving the Koha database to a separate machine, I've created a second Koha instance. I have used mysqldump to create a .sql file of the complete database contents. Then I've re-populated the second instance's database using the mysql utility, logging in as the second instance user. When I test access to the second instance, all appears well (except that I need to learn to re-index the second instance data with Zebra--on the way there). I can login to Koha's staff interface and see the patron and bib data.

When I try the "same" procedure, except by transferring the .sql file to a separate computer (64-bit Debian Squeeze; otherwise same setup). I re-populate the new Koha instance there, and can see all the data using the mysql utility (or MySQL Workbench from outside the computer). However, when I try to login to Koha's staff interface, I get the initial web installer screen instead of a staff login screen. If I reload the instance's base Koha database (from a separate/backup .sql file), I can login fine. Try re-loading the "real" data from the original .sql file, I get the same web installer interface problem.

I've probably missed a piece of knowledge somewhere along the learning curve. Hopefully not something obvious. And not something I missed in searching the list archives. Is there some 32/64-bit Debian issue (maybe a character set/code page discrepancy) inherent in the two different versions that might cause the problem? My logical mind says all the database fields should be set correctly in either case, so that's all I can think it might be. Does anybody working with the Debian packages of koha-common have an idea what I might be doing wrong? If I need to be smacked for trying to move a file from 32-bit to 64-bit OS, smack gently ;-) .



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