[Koha] Need Barcode Wisdom

James Ghiorzi JGhiorzi at cosb.us
Sat Mar 10 08:49:52 NZDT 2012

Dear Gwyan, 

How do you have the scanner connected?  USB, PS/2, WedgeSaver, etc.  The first step I would do is open a notepad, and scan the barcode there, if it does not scan correctly on either the generic or the Follett than its a matter of going through the programming manual and scanning the correct settings.  If it does scan correctly than I am at a loss of what the problem could be (other than its attached to a generic adaptor and not a proper WedgeSaver).  

Hope that helps,

James Ghiorzi
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I'm migrating a small elementary school library from Follett to Koha. All
has gone well until now. Our problem is a mismatch between the barcodes as
read by the scanner  which give readings like T 3210 and our biblios in
Koha which have the codes like T0003210.

At first I thought it was the Follett 3800 scanner that was dropping the
zeros, but a new generic scanner reads the same way.

So what is the easiest fix? I can imagine four but none sound easy:
1) Reprogramming the scanner -- seems possible but the manual is written
for a barcode expert (so many different formats and sub formats) -- how do
I express the kind of change I want to make in the language of scanner
2) Batch changing the biblios from within Koha  -- it seems to support
batch work but you have to list the items. I can't work out how to make it
change every single record.
3) Batch changing via the MySQL database -- I don't know SQL, so there is a
serious learning curve
4) Going back to the MARC records, massing the barcode field there and then
reimporting -- I don't know how easy that would be in MarcEdit and I am
loathe to go that many steps backwards.

Could anyone provide some wisdom to help?


Gwyan Rhabyt
Associate Professor, Art Dept. and Multimedia Graduate Program
California State University East Bay
President of the Board of Trustees, Pacific School District
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