[Koha] Spell-check/ Did you mean

Paul paul.a at aandc.org
Sat Jun 23 08:29:31 NZST 2012

At 11:33 AM 6/22/2012 -0400, CV wrote:
>We're still on version 3.4 & searching for "nature defecit" fails to
>bring up the title "Last child in the woods : saving our children from
>nature-deficit disorder" in both the staff & public catalog search.
>We have the QueryFuzzy preference enabled under Search preferences.
>Can anyone address whether this is expected behavior, or whether the
>fuzzy search engine is improved in 3.8?

A couple of points (using 3.6.1 in production, and an experimental 3.8.??? 
in my sand box) and after cataloguing your Richard Louv title, and using 
both staff and OPAC:

Searching for "nature defecit" *with* the double quotes fails -- this I 
expect, as the quotes eliminate fuzziness.

Searching for nature defecit (no quotes) works perfectly.

Searching for "nature-deficit" (with quotes) fails; I am only 
semi-surprised as the logic of the - (minus sign) is to search for the 
phrase without the term after the minus.  However +nature -deficit also 
finds that title alone and in my opinion should not (but my opinion is not 

I also tested with a phrase a little more common to our catalogue:  British 

British Navy ==> 1636 results

"British Navy" ==> no results (this I must look into, I am very surprised 
as it actually exists in the catalogue written with the quote marks on 
several occasions.)

Britsh Navy and British Nevy both ==> 1634 results (have not yet found 
which two (if the same two?) are missing.

But ... Britsh Nevy (double typo) finds 1637 ... weird.

Best - Paul 

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